Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Who is this?"

Mark 4:35-41 contains a passage I’m pretty familiar with, recently as I was reading through, the thought struck me how this is a typical Sunday school story, one often repeated to kids in church. Every so often I come across passages like this and have to intentionally slow down, and really ask God to show me something to chew on.

This time He directed my thoughts to how the disciples really questioned God. They question whether he cares about their well-being, and once he actually calms the waves and the wind, they question “Who is this? Even the win and the waves obey him!”

This led me to ask myself the question how often do I question God? Surely not often I tell myself, I trust God completely I think to myself.

But the more I pray, the more I realize I question God, just not in obvious ways. My questioning, my doubt in him comes in subtle ways such as acting without seeking his direction, assuming I know best.

Questioning God seems preposterous, like the disciples wondering if Jesus even cared whether they drowned or not. The answer seems obvious, and yet we doubt God anyway.

When I choose not to be obedient to his word, to not give a tithe, to not pray his will, or ask his permission, I question his sovereignty and declare I know better.

Father, enter into my questioning heart. I know I will question you in the future, but speak louder in those cases and challenge me to place more faith in you. Let me actively seek to corral my heart into trusting you more.