Monday, September 28, 2009

For love of the game

I haven't been in prayer much lately, been in the Word even less. Been distracted with trying to control my future. But this weekend in Va Beach at Josh Lattimore's wedding I was reminded of this. I serve a King, who singlehandedly fought and liberated me from my prison. A King who asked me to join His ranks. A King who has great plans for me. And I just need to trust His plans, and live with what is in front of me.

I was also reminded this weekend of the love that Josh has shown me over the years. In sharing his life with me, and in encouraging me to go all out. In affirming me as a man.

And being reminded of that has given me a renewed rigor to do the same for others. To point them to the King.

It wasn't a retreat but it was all that I needed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fitting a square peg in a round hole

Basketball players can be meticulous with repetition. Tying their shoes the same way, same socks, arm band, pre game warm up, because basketball is a game of rhythm and repetition. Above all else, basketball is mental. And as complex as our minds work, players want as much assurance as possible.

But we all get into funks in life too. Past week I've been in one. I've lacked motivation, urgency, a sense of purpose. Biking back from campus today. I decided to take a detour, to break up all the monotonous.

Settled on a shady spot in Town Commons. Then I began talking to my Father. I read another chapter in Becoming the Answers to our Prayers co-written by Shane Claiborne. Spent some time reflecting on the past week. The image of the homeless guy sitting on the corner near food lion; all of my brothers and sisters each striving to take deeper root and know God better; all the unanswered questions that float inside my head, the dreams that spawn even more. And myself, trying to figure out how I fit into everything. What God placed me here to do. Struggling to see the bigger picture and what fits where.

This I do know, and was reminded of during my detour.

He is the vine and I am the branch. Apart from Him I can do nothing.

Yes my life is jumbled right now. Yes things don't add up. But I need to be breathing Him in, and exhaling problems, worries, and anxiousness out. Keeping my ear listening in to the whispers. Acting on them.

And remaining patient and letting God put the puzzle together before my very eyes.

Friday, September 4, 2009


First impressions matter quite a bit. Sometimes too much. Within the first 5 minutes we begin to make up our mind as to whether our professor is worth respect or someone we will despise under our breath.

I wonder what the first impression Jesus gave people was?

The first miracle Jesus performs in the Bible is not to raise some one from the dead, or to demonstrate that nature bends to His will. He changes water into wine at a wedding He is attending.

Water into wine we say? But Jesus didn't drink, and why would he encourage others to drink more? Jesus did drink wine. I don't believe he ever got drunk but anyway I want to talk about why Jesus would chose this miracle as His first.

Lets look at what happens. There are empty vessels. Jesus has them filled with water, which then becomes wine, which is then consumed by all those at the wedding.

In the New Testament God reveals to us His plan of having His spirit dwell in us. In John 4 and again in John 7 Jesus describes the life we receive through Him as living water.

I believe God created us to be vessels, filled with His spirit, and then for us to pour out His spirit into other empty vessels. To be poured out and consumed.

Are we willing vessels? Are we surrendering ourselves to be filled with God's presence, voice, will, heart and love? Are we surrendering ourselves to be poured out into other empty vessels?

Or do we just want to sit up on shelves, collecting dust inside of our vessels while other vessels sit nearby missing what they no not what?