Saturday, May 18, 2013

Measuring one's life

Yesterday I made the move from the coast of NC to the mountains of PA, leaving the place I've called home for nearly 25 years of my life. After weeks of purging and trips to the Salvation Army and home, my life's belongings fit into my Jeep and a trailer, materially speaking in a box.

Watching the series finale of the Office with two of my closest friends, and getting dinner with two more close friends from my days in Greenville capped off my chapters of life in Wilmington. Having a hard time saying goodbye to those friends (for now) reminded me how dear they've become to me.

Moving, getting married, so many other little things changing essentially means I'm completely starting over within the next few months. Amidst all this change I have to wonder how do you measure one's life?

Life doesn't come down to what you have, don't have, or can't part with materially.

Life doesn't come down to where you live whether its near the beach in a first world country or the jungle of a third world nation.

Life is having friends who will miss you and take some time out of their busy days to say goodbye and to give you hugs. Having friends who check in to see if you made it safely, friends who help you move out/move in.

Life is knowing you've impacted the lives of others, even as their lives have impacted yours. Life is knowing God as worked in you in such a way, that your fiance is proud to take on your name. Life is encountering the beauty of God, and being privileged to experience his beauty not only living in the mountains but in 3 weeks, my wife.

Life is knowing that ultimately this isn't our home, but only a shadow of the things to come. (Colossians 2:17)