Monday, September 8, 2008

Coming Clean

Ah dishes. Nothing like slipping on a well worn pair of gloves and picking up a scrubbie and going to work on cleaning stuck on food from dishes used a few days ago. Yes you may do your dishes daily, but i prefer the philosophy of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" so that when i do get to my dishes its an affair. I can crank up some worship and meditate by using my hands.

I usually start with silverware, get the small stuff out the way, get past the formalities of how are you, I'm doing good. Then i jump to the bowls, plates, and cups then I tackle the cooking pots which can on occaison have the hardest stuff stuck on. I proceed to the trashcan with these where i scrape out what will give way.

Here's where I had an epiphany as a scraped and prodded at a rather stubborn piece of noodle, nearly bending the spoon i was using. How does Jesus feel, when I allow sin to cake on in my life inside of me, and I simply let it go? It has to dissapoint Him. He can't well use me to cook up something becuase I'm dirty inside, and doesn't exactly want to show me off to showcase His cleansing power. So as i did this pot, He prob sets me in some water to soften the mess up so it will come off under water.

I admit i have some stuff I havn't really revealed to others. Things I'm not proud of. Today though in switching roles in tackling caked on stuff, i recognized the need to get rid of some sin that i had allowed caked on to remain in my life.

I've been addicted to pokemon video games since the tender age of 11. Anyone who has ever played these, know how addicting and time consuming they can be. I've prob logged over 600 hours of my life playing one or another over the years, close to if not more than a whole month. My most recent bout came over the summer, being rather immobile at times because of the knee which really is no excuse. I know this is really lame but I'm letting it out now, becuase as scripture says: For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17

'I've had it' I decided as i stormed from the kitchen leaving the pot in the sink to soak. 'I'm not leaving the temptation there any longer. I'm getting rid of this distraction once and for all so that God is my only idol.' I proceeded to my bedroom, retrieved the game from my bookshelf where it had lain since the week college started, then headed outside. I descended the steps then walked down to the river behind my apartment, and there threw the cursed thing into the tar river. I watched it float for a moment, then sink below the murky water, a gamers exploits forever lost. How fitting i thought: 'I should have left this behind in the water years ago when I was baptized. Well at least now its where its belongs.'

I returned singing, with a slight swagger in my steps, proceeded upstairs and returned to the pots and finished my affair for the afternoon, one step closer to being Holy.


  1. So... you polluted the environment to cleanse yourself of your worldly sins?. I wasn't aware you had to trade the well-being of the Earth in which we all live for the well-being of *your* soul. How noble of you.

  2. Hey Josh
    So when I first started reading this....I was thinking "where the heck is this kid going with this dish-washing conversation...and then I realized where you were going with it. Honestly--I commend you. Way to go. Wouldn't it be wonderous if we could all do the same thing with the sin in our lives? Facebook--in the Tar River. All the mental and emotional things that we can't exactly throw into the river...that we wish we could.