Monday, August 31, 2009

Update and prayer requests

Hey everyone

Been a month since I blogged. Let me start with a personal few updates in my life.

My dad has really really high blood pressure right now so I'm concerned for him.

Started my fourth year of college. Seems like yesterday I was a freshman.

I have a beard now. Word continues to spread to the far reaches of those who remotely care. The beard is an outward representation that I feel as though after this summer I have aged and grown older.

I now have a macbook pro. Nothing fancy, just wanted something with functionality and could edit with.

I'm glad to be back in Greenville. Being away from home, I'm better able to pursue God when he calls. I don't have any thing to share just yet, but I do have a few prayer requests if you will pray those over me.

1) Pray that I would have fresh eyes to see Scripture, treasure it, and heed its message.
2) Pray for discernment to know the Lord's plan for more prayer this year, specific dates, possible worship to start the week, and a video God has laid on my heart to tell the ministries about the Lord's work in this.
3) God is also working on me to teach me to trust him, to know that bad things happen, but its all part of the plan. Expect a blog post on this within the week.

Thank you for being a partner with me for the kingdom

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