Monday, October 18, 2010

Love is like Lasagna

Love is like lasagna, an invitation, or attention. Love is easier to receive than to give. A home made lasagna takes an hour to make, another hour to bake, etc (No rhyme intended there). Receiving the dish is a lot easier.

I myself find it hard to show people love sometimes. First I'm afraid to open my heart up. Someone wise once said that to love someone is to give them the ability to hurt you. Other times I wait to receive love before I give it. That's the world's definition of love. God's love is one that takes the first step, that doesn't act and wait to be reciprocated.

I can seem distant at times, and awkward/random I know. I don't intend to be. Its like I'm introverted on the surface but highly extroverted once you get to know me or when I become engaged in whatever situation I find myself in. God certainly made me peculiar, and I don't intend to change any of that, but I do desire to love more than I do.

Because I'm called to. Because loving is life to the full. I didn't deserve God's love, but He gave, and I received (that's still a work in progress). And there are other sheep that God desires to call is own, that I feel compelled to reveal God's love to.


  1. Josh Pake you are an extremely loving person as far as I can see. Peculiar or not you are a man of God. Let the amazing spirit you have for Him pour over you. He is a God who has blessed you with a heart and a desire for His people and for His world. Let the desire you have to see people come to know Him pour out more and more each day =)

  2. I love lasagna, but only made in the right way. I hate one of those spinach lasagna with white sauce, it'd creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!!