Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was going through the pages in my journal yesterday and I found several instances of "I feel God calling me to work with college students." I can say that passion has only grown since writing those words.

This week another guy came to check out CCF. I got to know him and we shared a little bit of our stories. We're getting lunch tomorrow, and I believe he may become a regular. Separately Tate and I have both been led to go up and meet the same student from Crusade, about a week apart from each other. This blew our minds earlier as we exchanged on some happenings. God is us up to something there, I'm not sure what but those appointments and their leading by the spirit is too coincidental.

Just spent some quiet time reading through Ephesians in advance of small group next week. I'm so excited because we'll be unpacking what God's plan is about, and defining words like sin, and grace, while looking at some elements of our salvation.

Still applying for jobs. Completed some more applications today, including with Aramark on campus to work in serving food. Following up with another job tomorrow. Friends are helping with leads, but more than anything I'm praying often for God to provide the means.

Heading home this weekend for the first time since moving down here. Taking care of some errands, and leading some worship on Sunday. Somewhat nervous about that, but just asking that the music will glorify God, and resonate with the congregation.

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