Monday, April 11, 2011

Praises and Prayer! And imported Cherry Sun Drop

Hey everyone!

First I'd like to share that I will be moving forward with an internship with Glen Titus, the campus minister here at UNC-W beginning next fall! I will be joining Glen alongside Chris Brandenburg (A graduating NC State Student) as one of two interns here! I am beyond excited to be taking the next step in my discipleship and being discipled more with regards to leadership and ministry!

I will begin the year-long internship in August. Meanwhile I will continue working at Bluewater Grill and Restaurant over at Wrightsville Beach until the end of July. Some days I go into Bluewater a little frustrated because I'm thinking about how I'd rather be meeting with students and having more intentional conversations about Jesus. Other days I enjoy working there and sharing my life with my co-workers. The experience is what I wanted it to be though, I'm learning how to interact with people who aren't living for the kingdom.

Praise God for:
Fellowship-Bryan and I hosted a potluck dinner here and most of CCF came and brought food. It was a great night of fellowship, building unity and many of us went out to the beach later were we walked for about an hour and talked/laughed more.

Wingmen-I've been especially excited to see the Guys becoming wingmen for each other, watching each others' backs, supporting one another, and growing to trust one another and be vulnerable.

A friend who made it safely to Africa where she is moving into a new phase in her life as she brings glory to God abroad and makes him famous there.

Cherry Sun Drop-I requested some through Tate's family to be repaid fincancially and they delivered 4 cases free of charge out of their love, and I've yet to meet them in person. God is good!

Please be in prayer for:
Pre-internship items. I have to figure out a budget of how much support I will need on a monthly basis to support myself. I also have to begin preparing and sending out letters for support, and seek from God to provide out of his love and the love of others the financial means to step into an internship. Thankfully after the past three months, I've seen God prove himself to be faithful as I came to Wilmington so I'm more capable of trusting in him now for this aspect.

Maintain a good attitude at Bluewater. I find myself constantly proving myself and showing that I know the duties of the job, gaining the trust of my co-workers etc.

Prayer discipleship-I've come alongside of a student who is new to the faith here at UNC-W and I've been seeking to help him take up a regular life of prayer and become comfortable praying. He's never spent much time before so often his prayers are very short and awkward. Pray that he will continue to get to know God better and find prayer to be a sweet spot for fellowship with Him and a source of peace as I do.

Stepping Out-Pray for the men here to take more hold of the calling God has placed in our lives and we would continue to step up more as leaders and especially examples in the ministry.

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