Friday, July 13, 2012

Why I think a recession is good for America

Yesterday evening I met up with some guys at a local McDonalds and we began to share what God’s been teaching us lately, and what we’ve seen on the mission field recently. Why we shared about some different destinations each of us has visited in the past year, we ultimately circled back to America as a mission field.

Did you know there are countries that send missionaries here?

There are. Recently some Americans were flying to South Korea and while at the airport, ran into some Koreans inbound from their destination. As they talked the Americans shared about their missionary journey to S.K. The Koreans to the Americans surprise were headed to America for the same purpose!

Many people groups across hundreds of countries have never heard the name of Jesus in their language; many don’t even have scriptures to turn to. And yet here in America we find barriers to the Gospel as prevalent as anywhere. And a majority of people could only tell you very little to none about the Gospel.

Wealth has lulled us into complacency, given us a false security. We rely on ourselves, seeking peace, love, and a good moral conscious. We seek to find a great playing job, have some stocks in the market building interest and bringing in a bigger return. Our very culture is one of endless forms of entertainment to pass away the time.

Our culture bombards us with enough to distract us, to turn our attention from God. We supplement the good things he desires to give us with our own provisions.

And here is why I think a recession is good for America. Great for the church even. We are forced (some of us, but not all) to make do with less. We must look beyond ourselves to fulfill our needs. We are reminded what is truly important.

“But seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given unto you as well” Matthew 6:33

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