Monday, January 19, 2009

Ashamed...but forgiven

Today while i was driving back to Gville, as I was coming through New Bern bout to pick up 17, I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I was speeding and sure enough, a trooper picked up my trail, flipped on his blue lights and proceeded to give me a ticket.

I have no excuses, even though I thought i was in a 55 when i was in fact in a 50. Or the fact that I speeded up a little more to get myself into the right lane before i missed my exit. I admit I do speed, sometimes blatantly, and I got caught. The trooper wasn't a jerk by any means, he was in fact rather kind.

Getting the ticket and knowing I would need to pay a fine wasn't the worst part. That I was able to cooly handle. Telling my parents was another matter.

We've all felt guilt from getting caught doing wrong. Funny how guilt isn't so strong when we get away with it. Sin works the same way. We think no big deal until others find out, then we feel ashamed. 2 problems with that thinking

1) God knows our every thought, action, and intention. We can't hide anything from Him
2) I learned a long time ago that our sins will surely find us out. If not this side of heaven, all will be revealed on judgement day. Yes even us Christians will be charged for our actions. But Jesus has allready taken our punishment.

And so I called my parents after talking to my Heavenly Father. I expected to be yelled at, to hear "We told you about driving fast", and to hear the burden of having to pay a ticket, when money isnt in steady supply. I got chastised sure, but thankfully my parents saw through to my heart, and forgave me.

Our Father in heaven does too. Even though my parents forgave me, there's still the fine to be paid to Craven County.

Even though God forgives us, the price of sin still must be paid. Jesus however paid all in full when He gave his life on the cross. Will you accept his offer?

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  1. Very introspective, Joshua. I agree man and it's just great how when we focus on what God did for us and gain direction we can really learn from it.