Thursday, January 8, 2009

01/08/08...i mean 01/08/09

Been a while since i posted. Sorry bout that. My internet at home is rather impractical unless i don't mind waiting 20 min to be online and additionald drag while surfing. You see we have a deskktop that is barely on its feet after a couple of virus attacks. If only they made walkers for a pc...

Classes start tomorrow of course. Its a new semester, new classes, and yes a new year. Havn't figured out how my week is going to look just yet, or who I will try to meet with on a regular basis, but in time those pieces will fall into place.

As I am looking ahead for this semester i want to post a few highlights from last year, because i want to build on them this year.

-First Mission Trip-Dearborn and the Islamic Community there
-Partook in a 24/7 week of prayer of which God is still speaking to me about
-Adam who I have studied with for a while made the decision to be baptized!
-Witnessed the power of prayer in ways that left me hopping like a kangaroo with amazement
-Suffered first major injury (ACL) through which God transformed me

I have many things i need to pray for and pick back up with God. I feel like I need a month of complete solitude to get back into things and ready to roll. But with things starting in earnest next week, I'm going to put myself through a boot camp and rediscipline myself to spend ample time in prayer, and God's word to be prepared

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