Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Father's love

Last night about 2:30am, me and a few friends drove out of the city limits of Greenville out to a large field in the middle of no where off of 264. There was a meteor shower last night, incase you didn't know.

I chose a spot outside of Greenville earlier Monday because I knew the light pollution would keep us from really seeing all the stars in the sky. About 20 min outside the city I found this field that belonged to a farm just off the highway.

As we pulled up a lil before 3am into the field, a shooting star/meteor came down right in front of us, leaving a trail and disappearing into the horizon. It was like God was confirming the spot as a good place to camp out.

The rest of the evening unfolded with oohs, oreos and peanut butter, hot chocolate, words of praise, and the most random/hilarious conversations.

The meteors themselves appeared all over the sky. Some leaving long trails that lasted for an eternity in our retina but probably passed in the span of half a second. Somewhere beyond all those stars God is watching over us, and yet also living in our hearts at the same time.

"Why do you think God made the stars?"

"Maybe God made the stars to get us to look up."

Slowly thick fog took over that by about 5am when we left it had surrounded us to where it was like we were on a small island.

"Oh he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us."

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