Friday, April 30, 2010

Semester Ending

I haven't blogged much over the past few weeks because the semester has been coming to a close. I can happily say I am still on track to graduate in December! The past week has been splendid. Without classes, I've been able to read, study for finals, and take care of errands I've wanted to do for a few months now. One thing I finally got to do was going through my closet and taking clothes I no longer wear to a collection site ECU set up.

My lower back is healing. A doctor back home believes I tore a back muscle. I still can't think of how I did that, but I've slowed down the past week, and taken more time to rest. I'm hoping by the end of next week to begin some light stretches and get back into being physically active.

I'm excited too with classes ending to be able to get back into spending time with God. I still plan to use July as a Sabbatical. I want to reflect on the past few years and all that God has done through me and in me, then see where He is calling me to go. I very well may not receive an answer by August, but I can be saturated spiritually and ready for a new season of my life.

Expect me to post updates over the summer of how I'm doing and nuggets of what God shows me back home.

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  1. I'll be looking forward to those nuggets. :)