Friday, December 17, 2010

December Update

Been a few weeks since I last blogged, so much has been happening! Here's a glimpse from my eyes.

Began Finals over a week ago. Spoke at my last ECU Overflow as a student. Got a little emotional as I reflected and prayed over everyone. Before the worship ended, Kellar had all the students pray over me. Later that night I pulled an all nighter in the library to finish a paper and to study for a final I also had the next day. I never slept a wink that span of 40 hours but I handled it fine and got some rest Friday.

Travelled to Chapel Hill and saw Reliant K in concert Sunday evening (first big time concert). I road tripped up there with some cool friends, and met some other friends there. Really enjoyed the trip and the music.

Took some friends out star gazing last monday night for the Geminid Meteor Shower. We went out around midnight to have a better view, although it was bitterly cold. Braving the temps was worth it though, we saw one meteor that fire-balled across the sky with blue fire for several seconds. Hands down the best meteor I've ever seen in my life.

Tuesday I took a road trip to Wilmington with my friends Jason and Chris. After lunch at Flaming Amy's I went to a ukulele store. There I found out the story on the uke I inherited last winter, and found the instrument was probably made between the 1920s-1940s and was fairly valuable. I proceeded to get Pablo restrung, picked up some picks, and purchased a Baratone Ukulele and a digital ukulele tuner as a Christmas gift from my parents.

Wednesday I completed my last undergrad final. Had a lovely dinner with two of my married friends over in Washington.

Thursday we got snow. After lunch with a friend who was kept from returning home earlier due to the weather, I started Christmas shopping. Watched Elf on campus with another friend later that evening.

And earlier today (Friday) I participated in two graduation ceremonies! I took part in the big one for all the graduates and the department graduation for Communication. Religious Studies didn't have a ceremony because I was only one of two students graduating this winter.

So as you can see, I've been driving all over NC the past two weeks! Tomorrow I'm driving home to spend the next few weeks at home with family.

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