Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mourning-Spiritual Journey Part 2

Last blog post I began to dive into Matthew 5:3-12 and look at how the passage outlines the spiritual journey we all must take as we grow and mature in Christ. It's not an end all comprehensive step by step process but I intend to outline some key signposts the passage reveals to me.

"Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted"

Christ is about God who in all his holiness was separated from man because of sin, a poison that came in and eroded God's creation, man, and the relationship between all living things. Christ is about sacrifice, God who sent his son out of his love to die to make a way for restoration. Christ is not just forgiveness but even more so repentance.

Forgiveness means you recognize you got caught doing wrong and are sorry. Repentance is turning away, changing the direction one is headed in. As we come into contact with Christ, and his light pours into our lives, we should see the need for changes in our life. We should mourn our actions that aren't in obedience. That's conviction from the Holy Spirit who will indwell us when we come to Christ in faith and are baptized.

Conviction isn't the same as guilt however. Guilt brings doubt, negative feelings, worthlessness. Guilt takes away from confidence by saying we aren't capable of any better. Conviction shows us right and wrong and fuels us, affirming our beliefs and values. Conviction encourages while guilt discourages.

May the Holy Spirit convict you and lead you in the path of Christ, and may the Spirit bring you out from under guilt, which Satan will use to keep you hopeless.

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