Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Praying with all Boldness

Currently Campus America has represenatives in town for two days. In between classes and assignments, I've been spending time with them, showing them around, and introducing them to people. And learning more and more lessons about prayer.

Oh how important those are...

Like being reminded of being bold to ask to pray to/for even complete strangers.

I did this once, for two firemen in Detroit, despite probably being the strangest site they probably saw that whole month. Long story short, I was using a fold up chair as a crutch to prayer walk because I tore my ACL the day before, and was wearing a cowboy hat I picked up in Virginia (I think) on the road trip up. Josh Morgan has told me I should burn the hat, but I refuse. So I come hobbling up, shoot the breeze joining in their conversation about the Detroit Red Wings, then I asked if I could pray for them. They said yes.

Or how our bodies are living temples for the presence of God?

When we pray for people, God's presence is practically breathing on people's hearts, exhaling life, if they will inhale. We should continue to be welcoming to people, and hear their story, because in each one, God is pursuing them.

Or when we pray, we call down God's Spirit?

Sunday as our 2:42 leaders sat around a table having shared a meal we reflected on Elijah and Elisha. Elizabeth Helms pointed out that God answered with fire several times. Just as He answers with a still small voice, He also answers with fire. With passion, conviction, an invitation. A fire that consumes anything that will steal our hearts away from Him.

Oh how I needed to be reminded of those little lessons...

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  1. Very true Josh! Yes, the hat should be burned, hopefully before Indiana this year!