Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All that and a can of chips

Got a couple of quick thoughts I'm pondering I want to share

1) I was sitting on my couch eating some Pringles chips about 20 minutes ago, and as I was eating, I was reflecting on the packaging. "Why do pringles come in a can and not a bag?" Then I realized that they do so, because the chips stacked together drastically decreases the chance of the chips breaking. In essence, Pringles are for those who care about all of the chips in the package, and not the few who land on top.

Within the Kingdom of God, if we were potato chips, and our Father needed to store us safely, He would use a pringles can, because He cares about each one, and no one is more important than anyone else!

One day that will make a great Sunday School lesson, or I can illustrate it to my kids If I should be blessed in that way one day.

2) I was reading recently in "Iressistable Revolution" about how there are bulemic Christians. They study the word of God, then as soon as they have it down, they vommit it back up to their friends. As I read this, I thought to myself, well I don't see how thats a bad thing. But then as I was reading through Red Moon Rising to get ready for 24/7 Prayer starting Friday, I read about different practices of prayer and meditation, and I found this-

"Saint Cyprian told those in his care to "be constant as well in prayer as in reading; now speak with God, now let God speak with you." Guigo II, a Crthusian, wrote that reading the Scripture is like putting food into our mouth, meditation chews it, and prayer extracts its flavor. Further reflection enriches us. Through this type of prayer, God's very self 'breaks in upon the middle of our prayer, runs to meet us in all haste...and restores our weary soul."

Then i realized the need to take Bible study slow. To take a passage and read it, reread it, read it slow, let words stick out to you. Spend time reflecting, praying, read again. Then visit later in the day or the next day. And so I've been doing this with a passage in 2 Corinthians that has been really speaking to me about ministry, and God continues to bring verses to mind throughout the day and speak to me further.

So take time to let the Word digest, and actually strengthen you inside, and out before you really begin to pass it along.

3) Tonight after dropping off a friend at the library, I got pulled by the campus police. Now I knew for certain I wasn't speeding, hadn't ran any lights or stop signs, failed to yield or anything. As I sat there wondering why, the officer came and told me he pulled me because my headlights were off. (I had turned them off while I dropped my friend off, leaving my running lights on as we finished talking). He then asked for my license and registeration. I began praying.

"God please show some grace. You know in my heart I was unaware of this. I don't need another ticket to have to pay. Not having on headlights is a totally arbritary reason to be given a ticket, when I totally was unware."

Thankfully God let a little grace fall from heaven, and wash over me, the minute I simply prayed for peace over the whole situation. I received a warning ticket but no more.

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