Monday, March 22, 2010

Beach Reach Review Part 2

On Wednesday night we began our street shift prayer walking, not coming across many people out because of the light rain and the windy conditions. Directly we felt God leading us to go into the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express and meet people staying out of the weather. The we refers to Lauren Ward and myself

There we met a guy from Indiana. As we got to talking about schools and football he asked us why we were down in PCB sober. That led us to explain what we were there to share the love of Christ and be obedient to the Gospel. As we talked with him we found he wanted to join the military to change his life. As we talked about his plans we shared that Jesus can change his life in so many better ways.

We shared the story of the lost son from Luke 15 and how the son led a life of repentance in returning to his father. We also shared how we would be different people without Christ in our lives. We asked if we could pray for him, then prayed as the Holy Spirit led for his life. He said afterwards that was exactly what he needed prayed for in his life. We exchanged contact info and promised to keep praying for him.

Ultimately I've got to give God props for what He did through Lauren that night. She picked up the cues to head into Taco Bell, and to keep talking with him when we sat down at some tables. When we first sat down, i was coming off a confused conversation with him, and felt he was too intoxicated to talk to. Boy was I wrong! Lauren also did great in quoting timely scriptures, and in lifting up prayer for the conversation. Lauren's listening opened the door for that encounter.

I myself would get to do the same the following evening, and be the listener as I set up two girls on our team from Indiana with significant conversations throughout the evening.

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