Monday, August 9, 2010

Plate Full

As I’ve been preparing for the fall semester, I’ve begun to return to what God’s been showing me about the work he’s been doing at East Carolina. But as I’m returning to that mindset, I’m finding myself overwhelmed with carrying out everything I feel God laying on my heart, while finishing my academic career at ECU.

Specifically I’m looking forward to continue to be a leading part of CCF as we reach out downtown and begin to proclaim the Gospel in an area we have never breached before, an area that is at the center of the culture at ECU.

At the same time, I still feel the need for continued prayer on campus within CCF to precipitate our efforts to reach out to students, but also to unify the campus ministries as we did in 2008 and 2009. I could tell you story after story of the ways God moved in big ways by pouring out his spirit in response to prayer on college campuses. For instance, most of the major missions movements in the US came out of unified prayer on college campuses like Harvard, Cambridge, Northfield, etc.

Thinking about both of these equally important endeavors sometimes leaves my head spinning, especially with my desire to continue discipling students in 2:42 and 1-1. I realized earlier tonight during worship that I simply need to seek out God every day, to guide my steps, in managing my time, and in how to serve on each front I find myself while brining glory to God in my schoolwork.

One discerned step at a time.

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