Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach Reach Update

Last night we began ministry on the streets of PCB. Our van #winning (Based on twitter hash tags usually associated with Charlie Sheen) was out giving rides from 9pm-1:30am (10pm-2:30 Eastern Time).

So far we've witnessed
-A failed arrest
-A successful arrest
-Numerous other cars pulled over, DWI checks
-Guys relieving themselves in public
-One of our students got proposed to by a drunk guy
-One guy from Wisconsin who was excited about trying CiCi's pizza buffet for the first time
-Spring Breakers in need of medical care (alcoholic poisoning)

Last night before my group switched off the streets and into the van for a rest, we met a girl who came up on us from behind while we were walking the strip. She was accompanied by another girl. She told me she could tell there was something different about us, like we were glowing. She asked me about how to find God and find the life of being close to him that she desires.

She grew up going to a Catholic school, but doesn't believe in the teachings or traditions. I explained to her that finding God doesn't happen instantly, it's a process of grace and restoration. The best advice I could give her came from our discipleship materials at UNCW which consists of "Read the Bible every day, pray ever day, and plug in with a fellowship of believers." I shared different verses with her, as well as the story of the Lost Son (Luke 15) and grace, and prayed with her. We exchanged numbers because she wants to look at more scripture this week, and even join us for worship in the evenings.

I let her know I'd be praying for her the next 30 days. Join with me during this time in praying for her to encounter God who is running out to meet her. I hope to follow up with her this week. More than anything I know she needs to be discipled, to be shown over time what it means to follow God and how. Although that is far more than can be accomplished in a single conversation, I pray God sends others across her path, and draws her to believers back home.

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  1. This is so exciting to read about. Thank you all for doing what you are doing this week. I pray that my boys will be involved in this ministry when the opportunity is given to them. Praying for you all this week. Lisa C.