Saturday, March 17, 2012

PCB Wrap Up

Our last night giving rides and putting a team on the street brought many significant conversations including lives we believe we impacted the most on the whole trip. Having had several days to adjust to the environment, learn the layout and get into a flow of what the Spirit was doing in PCB, we found ourselves eager and bold.

Coupled by praying for each assignment before picking them up, we found many conversations turning spiritual. As I drove the van, I found myself privileged to be supporting and assisting all the students in conversation. What time I wasn’t focusing on traffic, I was either praying for conversations as they happened or listening to the spirit, and timely asking different questions to open up conversation about God and letting students take back over once the corner in the conversation had been turned.

I can’t express how much of a joy it was to hear students pouring out in conversation all the teaching we’ve presented this year in CCF. I heard material from our discipleship books, from aCRe, our retreats, the missionary convention, and even teaching from the talks I gave just recently. Seeing that teaching get regurgitated was awesome!

Close to midnight, we picked up a group of girls, and as we dropped them off, one girl got back in and asked to keep riding with us. Maria didn’t previously tell her friends of her intentions, and soon they were calling/texting her to ask why she stayed, and what was she thinking. She told them she was fine, that we hadn’t abducted her and that she wanted to talk with us more.

For the next 3 hours, she rode with us as we picked up other assignments. She poured out her heart, expressing her brokenness over sin, feeling lost towards God, and about her friends who she knew would chastise her for staying and not partying with them more. During all this time, she cried as the rode in the back and shared her story in between tissues.

Our group talked with her extensively, counseling her, and praying with her at various moments. We ultimately dropped her off as our last drop off of the night around 3am. Our hearts remain broken for her.

Be praying for her to find reconciliation, peace, and to remember what we shared with her. That the love and compassion we had on her will encourage her to seek out other Christians and that she would find her way into God’s arms.

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