Monday, March 16, 2009

Philly Part 1 addition

Something I forgot to mention in "Philly Part 1-Day 1"

The night before, me, Wes, and Enrique went out to walmart at like midnight, and bought two stuffed squirrels with squeekers in them, and some fishing wire. The idea for the squirrels was for a new prank we launched-squirreling.

When we stopped to a town somewhere in northern VA, I planted "Papa" (the big squirrel) in Brooke Davis's bag. When we got to Philly, she unloaded and when she would move her bag, she kept wondering why it squeeked. She opened it upstairs to find "Papa" stashed inside.

When she came down she first accused Kyle Johnson of the prank. Sorry about that best friend (catch a later post for the story on that shameless plug). Then she figured it out it was me. And so the squirreling epidemic started.

The fishing wire would find uses throughout the week.

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