Thursday, March 19, 2009

Philly Part 5-Divine Appointments

Thursday we worked with Manna, an organization that prepares meals for people with disabilites. The meals are prepackaged, then delivered each week. Many of us worked in an assembly line, adding various components to each plate.

Monday through Thursday we worked at an after school program in camdem, NJ, just across the river from Philly. For the most part, several of us did house work/cleaning, others tutored. I used my pocket knife to
1) Cut down some thick bushes out back
2) Take down vines
3) Unclog the vacuum cleaner
4) Give the carpet a hair cut (cut the loose strands that were just haning around and or cloggin in the vacuum, etc

One of the head tutors, Sean, recognized I was from the south, by my handiness with a knife, he being from Georgia. Also some of the kids we worked with, when told we were from East Carolina, recongnized us for our football team proclaiming "yeah we see them on sportscenter all the time, ya'll are good."

Jersey kids are among the best in the world.

Later that evening during debrief, we convened at a coffee shop. While there we noticed a bible study going on with college kids. After meeting we walked over and introduced ourselves. Our new brothers and sisters attended a nearby church of Christ.

As we walked back to the van, one of the guys accompanied us. Along the way, he would ask every person he met, what they knew about Jesus. If the opportunity presented itself, he would proceed to share the Gospel with him. I must say this was a first to witness for me. I don't necessarily agree with his methods, but I can't dispute his boldness. Just before departing, me and Enrique prayed with him, and he for us.

Steven got pretty sick this evening. Came down with a cold. When we got back to the CSM, he went straight to bed. The rest of us, listened to a visiting Missioneer. A missioneer is someone who works like a missionary, only is planted within communities, and works to establish a better communal life. He shared so many great points, and jokes. Of them I will say that he pointed out that in Luke 16:19-31, the rich man died without a name, only Lazarus the poor man was remembered!

One last thing that cannot go untold. Remember how Wed, we talked with a guy named Roger who presented us with a verse where God called people 'gods', and we couldn't find it. Well lo and behold, Josh Morgan sent me a text to check out Psalm 82 "and to know that God answers prayers." When I turned there, in verse 6 there the verse sat. UNBELIEVABLE!! I immediately ran downstairs and shared it with Kyle, Kellar, and Jaime who were talking in the kitchen. They couldn't believe it either.

Granted Josh was making the point that we needed to keep praying for the helpless mentioned in Psalm 82, but little would he know when he first contacted us that God meant for a different prayer to be answered.

Wes upon hearing this, and reading the text messages, became "creeped out." I know God answers prayers, sometimes right in front of our eyes, but it blows my mind every time He does.
If that doesn't show you the value in prayer partners for a trip, then nothing will.

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