Thursday, March 19, 2009

Philly Pranks

Couple of fun memories I must make mention of before continuing with the series.

After Brooke got squirreled Sunday, Jaime got squirreled monday morning just before heading out. As of last thursday, (which can be found in next post) "Jr" remained missing, Jaime being the last to have seen him among the living.

Tuesday night, SpiderPake again did some webbing. He added more to Kyle's bed, making it more difficult. SpiderPake also layed out webbing between the two beds, one shin high, the other about chest level.

With so many guys staying at the CSM house, we were left one bed short. Chris Kulp (temple) opted to sleep on the floor on a mattress between bunks. Since he enjoyed our late night conversations monday night, from a few beds away, we moved his mattress between our bunks. Our late night conversations became known as "the tea party."

Remember how I shared a bunk with kellar? Well he was on the bottom and this particular evening, he passed out quick, sprawled out across both his and Enrique's bed next to his. Throughout the night, in between loud snoring, and moaning, our tea party continued. At one point, we started messing with Kellar's feet to see if he would roll over completely onto Enrique's bed, so that when Enriq came up, he wouldn't know that to do.

When Dan "Diesel" Domanski came in (from the temple group) he saw the top line of webbing, but as he was ducking undereneath to join our tea party, got closelined on the second one, hidden in the darkness. A short time later, Kyle got socked in the face by a pair of socks Wes rigged up on a swing from his bottom bunk, although Chris manned the weapon during the two consecutive strikes. Whack-Kyle-"You guys are out of" -whack-.

Chris got squirreled by John monday evening, and subsequentlty squirreled Kellar's pillow. While Kellar was dreaming of shrimp we all deduced, well I should say me, because I know that kellar is a shrimp enthusiast, he would shift on his pillow and we would hear the squirrel squeek inside.

Between the sock rigging, the webbbing, and kellar, it was a long time before any of us other than kellar and steven fell asleep.

Editor's note. We later discovered that kellar played us the whole time. He discovered the squirrel Chris planted earlier in the day, and manipulated it throughout the evening to mess with us. We also discovered this, by his recounting of the stories we shared.

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