Saturday, March 21, 2009

Philly Part 6-What comes around

Friday Day 6

When we woke up this morning, many of us found ourselves beset with groggy throats. The cold steven just began to feel last night was beginning to spread throughout the group.

We headed over into the city and cleaned up a lot with a fellow named Raymond, a former convict. The lot itself, sitting between two houses, sat piled with trash all over, layer after layer, especially car parts strewn everwhere. Raymond exlained that some people used to pull up their cars on the parking lot, and service them there, leaving the old parts just lying around.

After we got in there, we placed about the length of a school bus in filled trash bags, rugs, bricks, etc along the street for the city to haul off. The lot itself remains spacious enough, that it could be used for several things, a small park, a garden, etc.

Later that evening, the Temple group invited us over to their house to hang out, eat ice cream, play board games, etc. Before heading over, we went out to ethiopian, a treat especially for Kellar, as him and Suzzane are looking to adopt from Ethiopia. At the restaurant, they served us platters they set on top of a woven basket resembling an upside down sombrero. We ate of the different meats/salads with our hands and with provided bread.

As dinner was winding down, Brooke and Morgan came over to me and Enrique and presented some stuffing, all they claimed was left of "Jr" (who'd last been seen on Monday after Jaime was squirreled.) All three recounted how the previous evening, they sacrificed him, "Slashing him open with a ball point pen," and "Destroying the squeeker."

Then we stopped back by the CSM house to get the ice cream toppings. Kellar to our suprise volunteered to run inside and get them, litterally running. He then came running out with the bag, ran to the back of the van, and handed the bag to me, asking me to check to make sure it was all there.

When I looked inside, I found "Papa" frozen solid, with a huge chunk of ice sticking out of his butt. Later upon arriving at the Temple house, I found "Jr" sitting in the freezer, his death had been faked.

And so I was squirreled, and to their credit, far more legendary than any of the previous events. Papa took two days to thaw out, three to dry.

However, thanks to operation chestnut, Jaime, Brooke, and also Morgan were all squirreled over night this past wednesday in a joint strike operation. At the crib of each was hung a squirrel, with a note, awaiting their rise from morning slumber. Even Morgan, tucked away inside Cotton Dorm, thanks to an inside job.

At this point, I've recounted the Philly Trip. There remains one final post which should appear sunday evening, with post thoughts, and where we head from here.

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  1. operation chestnut?
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