Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cat and Mouse

Ok, here in as much detail as I can remember is what went down Thursday night. Got a lot of requests for this so here we go. Thursday night is prank night during senior week. Now being on staff, we knew full well that the guys would attempt to prank Kellar. And so we joined Kellar’s side in exposing them.

We knew they intended to hit the dean house where Kellar stayed. After conferring, we sent him into the house, then he crawled out the window rather stealthily then snuck over to the shadows of the bank and hid.

First we patrolled around and caught two guys trying to sneak out of the cafeteria with ice and eggs. They quickly retreated when they saw us on the golf cart. We found two more guys hiding in the rafters of a shelter next to the dining hall. They hung upside down for 15 minutes until we met up with them. Then me, Jeremy Jones, and Joe Cartwright along with Josh Morgan allied ourselves with the guys, to aid them in getting Kellar.

Complicated I know, but essentially we were playing both sides of the field, staying one step ahead, and intending to see that both got pranked. Best entertainment I’ve had in a while.

So we got the guys outside and they started working. Then kellar came out of the shadows. “What are you guys up to?” They split, 5 guys taking off, the rest heading inside the dorm. We then played jail cell and locked the doors and rounded up all but the 5 guys inside. Oh, and while Kellar buffalowed them, Chris Woolard and Glen Crocker stole all their stuff and hid it in an unused room.

The girls staff sat outside by the vball court for most of the evening, and witnessed play by play everything going down. They provided valuable intel that helped us stay one step ahead of everyone. And ladies, the reason I was shirtless, was because I had just come from the pool before all this craziness started.

So now we had 5 guys left. We started patrolling around. Kellar made use of Bonners tricycle to cover the terrain. Me, Joe, and Jeremy headed off on the golf cart. We found them in the woods over by archery. They had jumped fence, and made home in the trees and bushes, hiding in the shadows. They also relieved themselves, using leaves to clean theirselves. We got them to stay hunkered down, while we kept Kellar on a goose chase. Finally he started growing suspicious of me, Joe and Jeremy, and headed to his house, locking himself inside. He then turned his light on and off randomly for the next hour to scare people away from coming.

By this point, Josh Morgan had let the guys out of the dorm, those who were still awake. They took off down the river and rendezvoused with the 5 man vs wild group who took the long route through the shadows to come up on the other side of camp. After a few more fake searches to throw off Kellar, me and the staff turned in, and let the guys do what they may. It was 4:30am by this point, and Kellar finally went to bed.

By next morning, they tied both of kellar’s doors together with rope and teepeed his house with toilet paper. But they never figure out that he crawled out of the window the night before. So he escaped again my morning.
That essentially is what went down. I heard one unconfirmed report that while the guys were locked inside, one dude went naked cowboy from the streets of NY with just a hat and a guitar. Glad I wasn’t around for that one.

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