Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From Deep Within

I led a workshop on prayer each day, to show student how prayer brings us into intimacy with God by talking and listening, and how we need a prayer centered life. We set up a prayer room in one of the upstairs room at the gym, using the prayer wall from a week of prayer at East Carolina in April as inspiration.

The first day I had 2 guys. Then Tue, I had 7 guys. Then Wed, 3 girls. Then Thur, one girl. Small numbers that at first disappointed me. But as we got into what God’s word says about prayer and men like David who found intimacy with God through prayer, having small numbers became a huge blessing! I was able to speak with each in where they were at with their relationship with God.

I shared from my own life about prayer walking, and praying with firefighters in Detroit (funny, and amazing story here). Then about how sometimes I ramble on trying to find the right magic set of words to get a prayer answered before finally pouring out my heart to God who knows it better than I do. Small numbers in each workshop indeed created a close setting which gave my words more truth and credibility. And to start it all off, I explained the difference between knowing about God and knowing God. Eternal life after all is knowing God here (John 17:3), personally, in a real and intimate way.

Tuesday morning. Two guys came, seeking advice because of some drama that was affecting friendships. I listened, we talked, then we prayed over the matter. And later that day by early afternoon, God had answered prayer! Another student almost left camp Monday morning homesick. He also had been making himself throw up to head home. I prayed with him when we couldn’t give him any more pepto. And by Tuesday afternoon, he was looking forward to staying the rest of the week!

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