Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lessons in Humility

Ok. So the theme for the week was humility. Over in my room, I bunked with 4 guys, one nicknamed Paco. Paco (who looks like the friend in Ferris Bueller’s day off only shorter and still undergoing puberty) continued to push the boundary every night with his sleep attire, or lack there of. He also made a game of this, threatening to sleep in other people’s beds. So Thursday afternoon during second rec time me and Jeff moved his mattress and sleeping arrangements outside and put them on the roof of a small utility building nearby. People started coming outside and gathering to see why at which point I explained what I just shared with you.

Then came Paco a short time later. When he realized it was me, he came charging and tried to wrestle and regain his dignity. He locked on to my left wrist. Then I moved. I spun, reach down, and grabbed his ankles with my right hand, flipped him, then pinned him on the ground. Honestly, I think the Holy Spirit came over me, because the move was the perfect way to effectively disarm him without causing injury.

To Paco’s credit, he was a good sport. He crawled on the roof and wrapped up, and let others take pictures for a little while, before taking his stuff back inside. The girls rather loved this.
Then I made a bet with another guy over a game of 1-1 basketball. If I won, Tony (we’ll call him) would have to go and say 3 kind things to Glen Crocker. (‘Tony’ had been terrorizing him all week with playful banter). After 5 min, we stood tied at 1-1.Then we played 1 min of OT which I came out on top 2-1. 'Tony' headed off to speak kindly of Glen. After all we are to build up those around us.

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