Saturday, June 13, 2009

My uncle passing

Thank you to those who prayed recently for my family as our uncle passed away. Let me share some of the things your prayers have brought me through

Breaking the news to my grandpa that my uncle, his son was dying, knowing how fragil my grandpas life still exists here.

Driving my grandparents, brother, and aunt all up to greenville in the middle of one of the worst storms I have ever driven through, knowing we're headed up there to see my uncle one last time.

Giving strength to my dad and grandpa, both heartbroken, and barely able to contain the tears that continue to flow.

Seeing my grandpa offering through tears to give every drop of his blood if it would keep my uncle here on earth. Knowing Jesus did offer every drop will bring me to tears later when I drop my guard, but those will be tears of praise.

Keeping my mourning in check to be able to think cleary to help everyone make better decisions with clarity.

Resisting sleep, to help around the house, and gives others who need the rest more than I the chance to catch theirselves. 2 hours got me through today, and I'll get more tonight.

My uncle's passing came as a suprise and wasn't considered a looming reality until a few days ago. I had intended to go camping with him this summer if possible, and learn to fish. But I know God has plans, and they far better than my own.

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  1. Sorry to learn of your loss. Praying for you tonight.