Monday, July 5, 2010

Out and About

Last Thursday was a busy day but very enjoyable. I went to the dentist for a checkup, then spent some time at the beach reading and walking along the shore with God. The weather was cooler, still warm and sunny, but more than anything it was great to be in no particular rush and to just spend time meditating. Later I participated in the Beach Run Series, then promptly left for work.

Saturday we had a family get together. My mom and aunt probably shared ever diaper story they had of me, my oldest brother and my cousin. As an Uncle put it, we are eagerly waiting the day when they no longer remember those stories.

Last night I went out star gazing with a telescope I received for Christmas. I also spotted several shooting stars as the sky was very clear. Tonight I may go out and try the higher magnification lenses. I'm hoping to find Saturn and I've read else where that there is a double star that can be spotted within the Big Dipper.

I'm about to finish Forgotten God, then I'm starting The Cost of Discipleship. God has also laid on my heart the desire to teach a 2-3 part Evangelism course at my church, but I need to sit down and pray and seek God on that.

More than anything I'm desiring to talk to God more and more, than I have been for most of the summer to date. That desire is growing as I press into His presence when I feel Him calling.

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