Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pieces of the Puzzle

I've been talking with lots of different people over the past year about how they got into ministry, what that path looked like, all in an attempt to see where I myself might be headed.

One thing I've learned from a lot of people is that they never set out from day one to enter ministry. As it happened, God opened the opportunity for them, and in some cases even changed their hearts on where they stood with regard to ministry. I've learned from others of different denominations that becoming ordained with some churches/denominations is a matter of being "set apart" by a church or several ministers who deem you ready for full time ministry.

All this only raises more questions.

So now one thing I'm thinking about is how qualified do I want to be, what amount is enough. Would a Religious Studies degree and a Certificate in Bible (Carolina Bible Institute) be enough or would I be better served to attend Seminary? That I suppose hinges on whether I enter church ministry or something more along the lines of Campus ministry.

One truth I do recognize now that God will open ministry opportunities when the time is right for me.

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