Monday, May 25, 2009


This past week, I've been spending time checking up on my grandpa. Long story short, he's had heart problems since having a heart attack 30 years ago. Now at the age of 83 (soon to be 84, 1 week shy of my birthday) he has one artery that remains open, and that having been added 22 years ago. At this point, there's nothing left doctors can do, except medicine, and to know that time has now grown precious.

Doctors say 6 months to a year but no gurantees.

The prognosis didn't stop my grandpa from killing 3 snakes in a row Sunday on his backporch, nor walking out often to check on the barns and the potatoes growing. Grandma keeps a close eye on him.

I'm now taking time to ask him about stories, and other things to receive what I can from him, before he's called home to our Father.

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