Friday, May 15, 2009

Something sweet

Still reading Way of the Wild Heart.

Thinking strongly about learning to ride horses.

Saw God's strength on display down on the beach last night. Hearing the waves crash on the shore and to remember the verse where God said He made the beach to contain the ocean was awe inspiring. Felt the wind, and watched dark clouds off shore pass by.

This past year I've come to a realization about prayer. I've found some recent prayer times to be sweet. The kinda sweet where you're up around midnight talking with someone special and knowing there is no other place you would rather be. Where the last thing you want to do is say good bye, even for only a little while.

God gave us prayer as a means of being close to Him. To come into His presence. He meant for prayer to be intimate. Now I understand why Jesus said in Matthew 6 to go into a closet to pray. If thats the only way we'll open up our hearts to Him, to get away from formal prayers, to stop thinking about putting our prayers into pleasing words, then may we all have a hide away where we can pray to God, without pretense.

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