Monday, May 11, 2009

I've started off my summer by getting discipl(in)ed spritually. I'm working on waking up about 8am so I can have quiet time before everyone else is up and around at home. Day 1 Fail. By about 2 hours. This time I didn't nap about 4pm so I should be able to fall asleep sooner tonight...

I'm reading through "The Way of the Wild Heart" right now. Doing a lot of thinking regarding what it means to be a son of God. What having God as my Father really means.

I'm studying through the book of Matthew with that mindset. My initial thoughts come from looking at the geneaology, which I almost always skip over. When you look at a man, you see a lot of his father in him. This generally holds true. Now think about every man listed in the geneaology. Abraham, Jacob, David, Soloman, down to Joseph. God specifically chose each to become a part of the lineage. Each one possessed traits and qualities we see in Jesus, because each received them from the Father.

So I'm going to begin my summer by setting out to know my Father better...

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