Saturday, May 16, 2009


The other day, I fasted for some friends overseas right now, and spent the day in prayer. Fasting for the day provided no problems, now that I have some experience under by belt. This was however the first time I've fasted at home.

It was interesting to explain to my parents and brothers who still stand skeptical of the practice. My oldest brother didn't even know Christians still fasted.

I've been striving since being home, to continue do live out my faith to the fullest. That has left my mom wondering how I havn't gotten tired of God, and God's work. In years past I would burn out. But that stands as one of the furthest thoughts from my mind since God has taken up most of my heart's desire.

My actions have spoken volumes about my faith, and I pray that this would become contagious for the rest of the household...

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